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Archive for April, 2008

Selecting the Best Debt Consolidation Loans

Before I tell you what are the best debt consolidation loans, I should also tell you the basics of debt consolidation loans so it will be easier for you to digest what I am talking about. Debt consolidation shall be the next step if your budgeting fails. Planning a budget is necessary as it will […]

Virtual Office Services – Cost Effective for Small Businesses

When we talk about making money, every penny saved is every penny earned proves to be true. In business, it’s very important that you save on the extra cost to the business and increase the profit margins. Few major heads in the cost of business are the office spaces, employee salaries, furniture etc and unfortunately […]

Quick Buy Calls For This Week – Few More

Facor Steels has posted disappointing results for March quarter with a net loss of Rs.3 crores plus and a cash loss of Rs.2 crores plus on equity of Rs.20 crores plus. Share now ruling at Rs.7, (face value Re.1) may fall to Rs.5. Remain away from the stock. Ugar Sugar still running its sugar mill […]

Sell and Rent Back if Real Estate Market Goes Down

Sometimes being receptive to negative changes in life helps. It’s important that we face some of the facts and act upon it before time passes on. This is no intelligence but when you are getting caught in higher mortgage payments, and cannot sell house fast; it certainly becomes important that you take some decisions on […]

Oil Prices Drop Today: $118 a barrel

Oil prices fell 29 April amid expectations that a supply disruption in the U.K. would soon be resolved and as the U.S. dollar held its ground against the Euro. As per the news I am reading, a pipeline that normally carries 700,000 barrels of crude a day to the U.K. is likely to be back […]

Lenders respond to base rate cut

A number of lenders have recently announced that they will be passing on the full 0.25% interest rate cut applied to the base rate earlier this month, which could bring welcome relief to some homeowners. Whilst some lenders have announced recent rises in their interest rate, some have already said that they will be passing […]

Glenmark Quarterly Net Profit Tripled to Rs.219 Crore

India’s Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd on Monday posted a threefold rise in quarterly net profit, helped by a milestone payment and higher sales from the US, pushing the shares to a lifetime high.For the quarter to 31 March, Mumbai-based Glenmark reported a consolidated net profit of Rs219 crore, up from Rs62.2 crore in the year-ago quarter. […]