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Mutual Funds

UTI Mutual Fund Declares Bonus for Unit Linked Insurance Plan

UTI Mutual Fund has announced the declaration of bonus on the face value of Rs 10 per unit under UTI Unit Linked Insurance Plan. The record date for bonus has been fixed as 23 February 2010. The quantum of bonus will be in the ratio of 1:10 (1 additional unit for every 10 units currently […]

Escorts Mutual Fund Declares Dividend & Bonus

Escorts Mutual Fund has approved the declaration of dividend under dividend option of Escorts Income Plan and Escorts Power & Energy Fund. Further, the fund house has declared three bonus units for every fifty units held in growth option of Escorts Income Bond Scheme. The record date for dividend and bonus declaration has been fixed […]

UTI Mutual fund bonus in 1:1 Ratio…

UTI Mutual Fund has approved 4 June 2009 as the record date for declaration of bonus under UTI Top 100 Fund on the face value of Rs 10 per unit. The quantum of bonus will be in ratio of 1:1 i.e. 1 additional unit for every 1 unit currently held by investors. The NAV in […]

News-Mutual Fund…

Taurus MF commences 370 days FMP Banking funds outperforms the most in week ended 13 March 2009 Templeton MF files offer document with Sebi JM Healthcare Sector Fund changes its fundamental attributes Tata Gilt Short Maturity Fund declares dividend Tata Gilt Securities Fund announces dividend Tata Income Fund offers dividend Tata Monthly Income Fund declares […]

Mutual Funds are Investing in Debt Instruments Now

With equity markets in the doldrums, mutual funds are increasingly turning to debt instruments. Several mutual funds have diverted a large portion of their portfolios into debt schemes in the past few months. The debt portion of assets under management of the mutual funds industry increased by around 25 per cent by May-end from January […]

Reliance Power puts IPO money in Mutual Funds

Reliance Power Ltd, which raised Rs 11,562 crore in its IPO in January last, has temporarily parked almost the entire money in mutual funds. The 2007-08 financial results declared by the company on Monday show that Rs 11,412.81 crore is invested in mutual funds. The company has not disclosed either the funds or the schemes […]

Bearish trend of Stock Market turns Mutual Funds into net sellers now

As stock markets continue to face a bearish onslaught, domestic mutual funds are turning net sellers. So far, in the current month up to March 18, they have been net sellers to the tune of Rs 1,515 crore, according to the data on mutual fund transactions released by SEBI. The development comes in the wake […]