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Shree Renuka Sugars bonus issue approved
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Shree Renuka Sugars bonus issue approved

As we announced Shree Renuka Sugars bonus issue plan before, the company’s board approved issuing one bonus share for one equity share held. This is the company’s maiden bonus issue. The announcement was made during trading hours on Monday, 25 January 2010.

Shree Renuka Sugars is a fully integrated manufacturer of sugar, power and ethanol. It produces refined sugar for direct consumption and industrial usage in Europe and Africa.

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[…] 17 March 2010 as the record date for determining the equity shareholders who shall be entitled to Shree Renuka Sugars bonus shares to be issued in the ratio of […]

dear sir today iam buying renukasugar 100 date 08/03/10 then ican also get bonuse shere ?

Hi Firoz, yes, you are entitled to get bonus shares.

Hello Sir,

I baught renuka sugar 175 @ 173.50 on 10th March 2010 and it’s settlement date is 13th march 2010. So am i able to get the bonus of Renuka Sugar.
Sir I am also having one confusion, Is the company is giving some locking period to sell the bonus shares. Like i have to hold this share till some dates to sell it.

Thanks and Regards,
Md Zahid Nasim

Hello Sir,
Can you please explain the term bonus in share market. Like company is going to provide the face value of shares to share holder or they will increase the share quantity in portfolio by per their ratio defined for share holders.

Md Zahid Nasim

sir , i baught 250nos thinkglopal software (dec2009) @291.now its found 220+.may i hold or not&i future it will rise?

Dear sir ..
I have 300 shares of renuka sugers and i purchased another 150 on 12th of march so in total i have 450 shares.
I would like to know will i get bonus for all 450 shares.
how will bouns be applied on the share.
can u please give an example.
What would you suggest on holding the shares ?
Should i hold them or sell them after i get the bonus.
the average price of my purchase is 185 .
what is the long term prospect of renuka..

@ Hi Zahid, as you bought Renuka Sugars shares before the record date, you are entitled to receive the shares. You need not hold the shares in some locking period to sell, you can sell anytime they are in your demat account.

For your another question, the company will allocate additional shares to your demat account portfolio, they will not provide any face value or money to your demat account. Hope this helps!

@ Hello Ajith, yes, you will get bonus shares for all 450 shares. Company will do the book audit on the record date, and allocate one share each for shares hold on that date. As you will have 450 shares in your demat account, you would see 900 shares in your demat account once they complete the allocation process.

I may not be able to comment on Renuka Sugars on short term, but for long term it’s a good bet to hold shares.

@ karthikeyan, sorry dear I have no idea about that stock. A generic advice is that don’t wait for stock to hit rock bottom, always decide your acceptable limit of share price fall and book the losses. It’s very difficult decision to make, but it can save you from further losses and you can invest remaining money in growing stocks.

i have a demat account, i bought 12o shares of rensug will i get bonus

i also have another share of renuka share 35 @ 181, wherein the today price is 73.7

what should i do sir

i have orichid chemical at 212 Rs 20 shares pl tell me what should i do


I brought 100 shares of shree renuka sugars,
on 15/03/2010 at Rs.156/-.
Shall i get the bonus shares, if i get when i will get?
If it will not get, if i will buy the shares how much i will get?


Dear sir i would like to know if i have an allocation of 2 lakh rupeee how should the investment bid have to go about..

I have 100 shares of shree renuka on 11th and i bought 400 on 12th of march 2010, but my demat account is showing only 100 and i have already paid for 400 @ 159. Will I get bonus share

Dear Sir
I bought Renuka stock 83 Nos @ 155.41 on 12.03.2010 and 299 shares @ 74.02… can I sell off all the shares and how much bonus will I get.. If I sell all the 382 shares tomorrow will I be getting the bonus
Waiting for ur reply

sir i bought 1000 share at 185on 10th march n sold 500 share at 170 on 11th march, after ths i sold 250 share at 165 on 12th march. again i buy 1000 share at 76. now i have 1250 share. is i get bonus share n how much share i will got. please reply me. thnks.

Sir i hold 100 shares of renuka bought on march 14 , but because of this bonus now only 100 shares are shown in my demat account with price halved, if i sell these 100 shares will i get my orignal amount

Dear Sir,

On 12th Mar’2010 i had bought 300 shares of Renuka Shares at Rs. 162/- and wheni check my account on 16th the price had fell down to Rs.72/- I never knew about the circuit breaker.And again on the same day i had to purchase another 350 shares at Rs.74/-.
Now the confusion which arises is am i getting any bonus shares if yes,howmuch. kindly revert as it is very hard earned investment..And should i hold the shares or sell.

Sir i bought 500 renuka sugar @ rs 152 on friday 13th march so iwill get the bonus. As i sold my 500 shares at rs. 78 on tuesday i will the the 500 bonus shares bonus because i should we 1000 shaes in my account as i sold 500 sahes.

Dear Sir,
i have 100 share of renuka sugar AVG. price @177
before date 17-3-2010 so i want to know when will come the bonus share in my demat A/c.how much period of allocation Process.i am long term investor so should i hold it or sale it.

Thanking You.

Dear Sir,

I have purchased 50 shares on 12 march 2010 of Renuka Sugars at Rs. 153.55/- now my question is that will i get the bonus and for how long shall i hold the shares and at what price should i sell.

Thanking you

Yes Usha, you shall receive the bonus shares. You can sell the shares even now, and you would still get the bonus shares as you held them on record date. I would suggest to hold shares for medium term for gains.

Sir, I bought Renuka sugars equity @ 73.6 on 15th March, but as of today i could not see any bonus addition. Do I am not eligible ?

sir i have 500 renuka sugars in my portfolio which are much below its purchase price. wat are the future prospects, should I hold it or sell them at loss


I am having 5000 Renuka Sugars Futures @75Rs.Please let me know if I can hold them.My plan is to sell if it reaches 75Rs.Can the stock reach this price or should I sell it at loss at the current Price?


will you please tell since when the bonus shares of Renuka sugars will reflect in DMAT account ?

when will renuga sugars share value come above Rs.200

sir,if i buy shares on 14th of march,will i be able of getting bonus shares?

i bought

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